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2 Apr 12

Clear Read API.

Like Instapaper, but for Developers

21 Dec 07

Fireworks and XML (pt1)

Google Groups : google-sitemaps

ASP Portal and CMS Google Sitemap Generator

VarChars: Blocking Greedy Bastards

enarion.net phpSitemap

MARC: msg ‘[PHP] Rasmus’ 30 second AJAX Tutorial – [was Re: [PHP] AJAX & PHP]’

XML.com: Errors and AJAX

XMLHttpRequest & Ajax Working Examples – Links and Resources, Fiftyfoureleven.com

mnot: xpath2rss

A List Apart: Using XML

RSS and Email Marketing | MySmartChannels

AJAX for PHP developers part 2

XML Nanny

XML in PHP5: An in-depth look into advanced XML features

RFC 822: Date & Time specification


XPath Tutorial