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17 Dec 08

By Dmitry Fadeyev Web design consists, for the most part, of interface design. There are many techniques involved in crafting beautiful and functional interfaces. Here’s my collection of 10 that I think you’ll find useful

10 Useful Techniques To Improve Your User Interface Designs | How-To | Smashing Magazine

10 Jul 08

Opera Developer Community article: 8: Colour Theory

8: Colour Theory – Opera Developer Community

27 Jun 08

Unit Interactive is an interactive design consultancy. Website design, standards compliant code and css development by Andy Rutledge and Angela Conlon.

Unit Interactive :: Blog :: Better CSS Font Stacks

23 Jun 08

We offer a suite of Web strategy, design and development services, focusing on open source solutions. Our custom content management tools empower clients to manage their own websites and eCommerce stores.


W3C QA – A tool to create a semantic outline of a document

Semantic data extractor – QA @ W3C

16 Jun 08

If you care about validation, this robots.txt validator is a tester that will check your robots.txt file searching for syntax errors

New Robots.txt Syntax Checker: a validator for robots.txt files

29 Feb 08

Global Moxie is the hypertext laboratory of Josh Clark, whose projects include the Big Medium web content management system (CMS). Josh creates web applications and websites from his multimedia studio in Paris, France.

Global Moxie :: The Hypertext Laboratory of Josh Clark

12 Feb 08

Web Form Factory, (WFF) is a web form generator which automatically generates tested web form code that you can use with PHP4/PHP5

Web Form Factory (v0.1.6 beta) – Open Source Web Form Generator

7 Feb 08

Exponent CMS is an Open Source Content Management System, based on PHP, MySQL and the Exponent Framework. Dynamic CMS Content Management Solution with Enterprise Level Content Management Features

Exponent CMS: Open Source Content Management System Enterprise Level Content Management Content Management Made Simple CMS PHP MySQL

TYPOlight accessible open source web content management system

TYPOlight webCMS – Home

21 Dec 07

Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

Left Justified

CSSFILL.COM – Free CSS layouts and templates

Dirk Knemeyer: The Heart and Mind of Great Ideas

Favourite Favicons | Delta Tango Bravo

CssBeauty | Css Design Showcase

valcasey.com . Visual Design

Parc Rittenhouse: Luxury Condos on Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia

24 ways: Easy Ajax with Prototype

A List Apart: Articles: Improving Link Display for Print

Mike Davidson



Code Style: fonts across OSs

Diseñorama (retro)

Farwoods maakt doeltreffende websites – Farwoods Design



Quick Online Tips » The Big Google Search Tools Collection

media inspiration |


Web Page Design for Designers – Editorial September 2004

Cool Homepages, Best Web Designs

PNG Behavior (WebFX)

AdamPolselli.com :: Get the Look

Design Interact

I want to – a page of utilities that help you do stuff you want to