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21 Dec 07

Roman Byzantine Sites

Behind the Name – the Etymology and History of First Names

Venice incoming Italy : Venice Italy city guide Hotels, restaurants, events lodgings

Names central

Catholic Online Saints Index

Medieval Naming Guides

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica

Middle and Far Eastern Links

Genesis Networks – The Holy Bible

Data Services

Embroiderer’s Handbook

Encyclopedia Mythica: Home

Earth and Moon Viewer

Eachna’s 5th Century Irish-Celtic Re-Enactments Page

TEEN LINGO: The Source for Youth Ministry

The Complete Plays of William Shakespeare

medieval culture

The Calendar FAQ

Vernal Equinox, 1788-2211


Nomad Travel Photography

Project Gutenberg

Old Alexandria

HOW-TO – sewing, embroidery, knitting

MEETINGVENICE: events and hundreds of hotels and accomodations in Venice, Italy

19th Century British and Irish Authors

A Perpetual Easter and Passover Calculator

Venezia hotels culture tourism events

The Secret History of the Sword

Venice – Index

Glassmaking in Roman Times

Virtual Venice Home Page – a reference site for all cultural, financial and social activities in Venice.

Welcome To Alexandria

Venice Italy Index

Heavens-Above Main Page

Overseas Expat Life from Tales from a Small Planet

Pew Internet & American Life Project

BlogPulse Tools: Conversation Tracker


4 Oct 07

Using Color in Information Display Graphics and ATC/ATM Interface Design. Design methods, color science, and color guidelines.

Color Usage Site Home Page