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21 Dec 07

Andy Budd::Blogography: Remote Rollover Demo

moreCrayons – Welcome to moreCrayons

Grep complete reference


HTML Language Codes

Return of Design – Web Color Schemes

Merriam-Webster OnLine

evolt.org – Browser Archive

ARIN Home Page

Unix Crontab – setting up cron jobs using crontab

HTTP Error Codes and what they mean :: WATS.ca

Three Column Layouts – css-discuss wiki

FILExt – The File Extension Source

Accessibility Features of CSS

Sizing Up the Browsers



Surfin’ Safari

Section 508: The Road to Accessibility

Pew Internet & American Life Project

Regular Expressions PHP Tutorial

Locus Online: Forthcoming Books

CSS No Crap Primer

The CMS Matrix

World Atlas Texas maps and information page

useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s site (Usability and Web Design)


Color Matters

ONLamp.com: Five Habits for Successful Regular Expressions

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

Webmonkey | Reference: Browser Chart

WordPress Codex

CSS, Accesibility and Standards Links


BrainJar.com: CSS Positioning

Javascript Resources @ FiftyFourEleven


Using .htaccess Files with Apache

Secure Sockets Layer


Web Browser Market Share

Common Errors in English

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

XPath Tutorial

Special Characters in HTML

Meanings and Origins of Phrases | Idiom definitions | Idiom examples | Idiom origins | List of idioms | List of sayings | Idiom dictionary | Meaning of idioms

Textile Reference


Linguistic Phenomena/Devices

CGI Environment Variables