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16 Feb 20


Confronting White Nationalism | American Libraries Magazine

Trans citation practices — a quick-and-dirty guideline

How Honolulu’s Japanese, Spurned At The Library, Made Their Own…

Queer Lives, Queer Loves: Library Journal Presentation | the feminist librarian

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Why Social Justice in the Library? | Outreach + Inreach | Library Journal

The Myth of the Neutral Library: Why Social Activism is Integral to Librarianship – HLS

Library Socialism: a utopian vision of a sustaniable, luxuriant future of circulating abundance / Boing Boing

Migration Paths: Charting a route for IU’s digital library collections

Taxonomy-driven Content Publishing — UX Articles by UIE

Classification Schemes—and When to Use Them — UX Articles by UIE

Social Tagging and the Enterprise: Does Tagging Work at Work? — UX Articles by UIE

On Patron Data and Library Data – Christopher Harris – Medium

Chapter 2. The Current State of Privacy and Security of Automation and Discovery Products | Breeding | Library Technology Reports

Librarians in uproar after borrowing record of Haruki Murakami is leaked | Books | The Guardian

Personalization vs. Privacy | American Libraries Magazine

Elisa J. Rodrigues: Diversity within Technical Services — WOC+Lib

Need a Drill? A Sewing Machine? New Chicago Tool Library Ready to Lend | Chicago News | WTTW

LibGuides: Librarian Toolkit: Home

Home – Librarian Toolkit – LibGuides at Clarivate Analytics

Tangible Outcomes: Makerspace Programming and Digital Scholarship Outreach

How to Nail Any Informational Interview – HLS

12 Basic Requirements for ADA Compliance at the Library –

Timothy Burke on Twitter: “A relatively long time ago I wrote a piece about how the Library of Congress subject headings were so broken that they should just be discarded and we should start over. https://t.co/nzcJCrHPPO 1/” / Twitter