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9 Dec 08

Free Web Resources Everyday – WebResourcesDepot

IE6 PNG Fix (More Features): DD_belatedPNG

10 Nov 08

Here you will find posts about news, trends and developing for internet, mainly focusing on web browsers and user interfaces.

Internet Explorer 8 – fix event handling, or don’t release it – Robert’s talk – Web development and Internet trends

1 Jan 08

Greasemonkey script that expands nested Live discussion threads in place, on LiveJournal.

LJ Thread Unfolder with “Unfold all” – Userscripts.org

21 Dec 07

Non-flash photo gallery

Toggle (show/hide) elements in a Definition List

PNG Behavior (WebFX)

Blog | 1976design.com

24 ways: Easy Ajax with Prototype

Max Kiesler – Downloadable AJAX Galleries, Slideshows and Effects

Suckerfish Dropdowns

A List Apart: Articles: Improving Link Display for Print

AJAX Shoutbox at Jalenack

The Fade Anything Technique

Ajaxian Blog

Digital Web Magazine – Stuff and Nonsense: Strategies for CSS Switching

Javascript Resources @ FiftyFourEleven

Operation Cleanout – Unobtrusive Javascript

Gabbly – gabbly.com

Unordered List Rollover Gallery

Unobtrusive Javascript

script.aculo.us – web 2.0 javascript

[brothercake] Ultimate Drop Down Menu

CSS Image Maps – Flickr-like Technique?

CSS event:Selectors

Form Validation with JavaScript Regular Expressions (Part 1)

interactivetools.com : htmlArea

Particletree · Upgrade Your Select Element to a Combo Box


Client-Side Drop Shadows

Expanding Nested Lists

SilverStripe Tree Control

Object-Oriented JavaScript: An Introduction to Core Concepts

My Favorite Javascripts for Designers: Blakems.com ★

Core JavaScript 1.5 Guide – MDC

DOMSlides – Yet another standards based presentation slide system

odd or even

AJAX for PHP developers part 2

Double Rollover Effect

MARC: msg ‘[PHP] Rasmus’ 30 second AJAX Tutorial – [was Re: [PHP] AJAX & PHP]’

XML.com: Errors and AJAX

A better dollar function – getElementsByAnything · The Watchmaker Project

Smiley Cat CSS rounded corners roundup

Form Trick

XMLHttpRequest & Ajax Working Examples – Links and Resources, Fiftyfoureleven.com