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18 Dec 08

The proper selection of typography in a design can set the appropriate theme and mood that the designer is going for. In this collection, you’ll find 45 first-class, downloadable fonts for your use.

45 Beautiful Free Fonts for Modern Design Trends – Six Revisions

24 Oct 08

The website dedicated to webfonts & @font-face embedding

Fonts available for @font-face embedding – Webfonts.info

14 Aug 08

Its been a while since I did the first free grunge fonts post. So, while I had some free time here in paradise, I thought I would do anther one. While there

30 New (Free) Grunge Fonts | Outlaw Design Blog – A Graphic Design Blog

27 Jun 08

Unit Interactive is an interactive design consultancy. Website design, standards compliant code and css development by Andy Rutledge and Angela Conlon.

Unit Interactive :: Blog :: Better CSS Font Stacks

25 Jun 08

Linux should not be ignored when thinking about typography on the Web. I’ve taken some time to compile a list of fonts that ship by default with Ubuntu with type that has come to be considered Web safe.

Linux Font Equivalents to Popular Web Typefaces – Monday By Noon

10 Mar 08

A daily journal of typography featuring news, observations, and open commentary on fonts and typographic design.

Our Favorite Typefaces of 2007 | Typographica

20 Feb 08

Glow Gothic BF™ font family from Bomparte’s Fonts, prices starting at $29.00

Glow Gothic BF™ font family : MyFonts

21 Dec 07

FontShop | Find, Try, Download Fonts | FF Meta, DIN, Scala, Dax

WhatTheFont : MyFonts.com

Omega Font Labs

Everything Linux


Fontleech: The Free Font Blog

Code Style: fonts across OSs

On snot and fonts

Mac OS fonts

BLUE VERTIGO | Web Design Resources Links | Stock Everything

Free Mac Fonts

Scriptorium Fonts and Graphic Arts

Dieter Steffmann @ typOasis

Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents

Windows XP fonts

Free Fonts

Scriptorium demos

STC :: fontBROWSER ::

Real World Style: Fonts for Unix

Typetester – Compare fonts for the screen

How to size text using ems | clagnut/blog