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11 May 17

Source: Lambda Literary

Source: Community of Magazines and Presses

Source: The Top 5 Ways to Track Your Sales Without Amazon KDP’s Dashboard | Author Marketing Institute

Source: Sales Tracking – The Self-Publishing Toolbox

Source: For Authors Series | saundra mitchell

My sequel comes out in week and I’ve noticed a drastic difference in the amount of self-promotion I did this year compared to last year. For my debut, I tried everything, mainly because I did…

Source: Self-Promo and Marketing Materials that Work | Pub(lishing) Crawl

13 Dec 16

By Jeremy Keith

Source: Resilient Web Design

3 Nov 16

The author who writes dialect as an insider, as a native speaker, but who faces the disadvantages of being a POC outsider in the publishing context, needs a different answer concerning How to Use D…

Source: The POC Guide to Writing Dialect In Fiction | Tor.com

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