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7 Nov 17

SimpleShib WordPress Shibboleth plugin on GitHub

12 Sep 17

Color Identification System

Source: — ColorADD —

Source: PDF indexing – Relevanssi

5 Sep 17

Source: Free Images – Pixabay

29 Aug 17

Search suggestions and completions from the top providers on the internet. Easy to use, fast and efficient. Hit the right arrow to change engines, and use your arrow keys to search without all the typing. Let the web help.

Source: Soovle – Let the web help.

16 Aug 17

Drip Scripts

11 May 17

Source: Lambda Literary

Source: Community of Magazines and Presses

Source: The Top 5 Ways to Track Your Sales Without Amazon KDP’s Dashboard | Author Marketing Institute

Source: Sales Tracking – The Self-Publishing Toolbox

Source: For Authors Series | saundra mitchell

My sequel comes out in week and I’ve noticed a drastic difference in the amount of self-promotion I did this year compared to last year. For my debut, I tried everything, mainly because I did…

Source: Self-Promo and Marketing Materials that Work | Pub(lishing) Crawl

13 Dec 16

By Jeremy Keith

Source: Resilient Web Design

3 Nov 16

The author who writes dialect as an insider, as a native speaker, but who faces the disadvantages of being a POC outsider in the publishing context, needs a different answer concerning How to Use D…

Source: The POC Guide to Writing Dialect In Fiction | Tor.com

wp_list_sort() and WP_List_Util in 4.7 – Make WordPress Core